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No one horse is identical to another. A foal has different nutritional needs as its mother or a top performance horse. In addition to this each horse's individual problems demand different supplements in order to maintain a balanced level of required nutrients.

EQUINA is a thoroughly thought out concept providing a balanced approach to complete the nutritional value of the horse's intake as well as provide the opportunity for the conscientious horse owner to address individual needs with high quality supplementation.

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The EQUINAvet UK AIEC World Finals Student Riding Nations Cup GB
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Equina Concept is successfully used by the following international riders:


Luciana Diniz
Markus Renzel
Jens Baackman


Helen Langehanenberg


Bettina & Andrew Hoy
Janet Wiesner


Axel Wöckner
Hubert Vornholt
Georg Gronebaum